The Mission

Reward viewers by providing them an opportunity to increase their wealth while being entertained.  GG, game over.

Current Guild Quests

10,000 User Community
Grow Team
Distribute 10,000 Tokens

The Mission of GG

Geriatrics Gaming is an integration with Twitch that will provide streamers and viewers a place to build a solid social gaming community while building up value through our GG token on the Harmony blockchain.

By leveraging a great streaming community along with viewing rewards with actual value, we hope to build an engaging streaming community that lifts and promotes each other and encourages viewer retention.

The GG token will allow for yield farming for crypto savvy investors and serious rewards streamers can provide to users that are useful for more than just emotes and aesthetics for their stream.

Team Application
Selected Value: 100
Estimated Current Channel Followers

Meet The Guild Leader

Clayton fell into the defi rabbit hole while investing in Bitcoin and other cyrptocurrencies as an early adopter. He saw a need for introducing more individuals to decentralized exchanges as a way of improving the general financial welfare of savvy young investors as an alternative to traditional low yield finances. He meet some talented gamers struggling to break through Twitch's saturated market and an idea occurred to him. Reward viewers by providing them an opportunity to increase their wealth while being entertained. GG, game over.

The Crypto Quest

Clayton designed the crypto to be a safe and rewarding experiences for savvy investors and growing streamers alike. With 3 liquidity pools, crypto tiping, and exchanges of GG Tokens for sponsorships, ad exchanges, and merchandise, value is built in to the crypto from the start. Learn more about the GG token.
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