It's game over - The GG token has arrived

Introducing GG On the Harmony Blockchain

GG is built on the Harmony blockchain with a total of 21,000,000 GG tokens being minted.  At no time will more GG tokens be minted.  The number 21,000,000 was chosen in honor of Bitcoin.  There will be no multipliers ever. 


  • 5% for Dev Fund - Pre-Minted
  • 5% Giveaways/Marketing - Pre-Minted
  • 30% Viewer Retention - Pre Minted into Multi-Sig Wallet
  • 60% Liquidity Farming

Release of Tokens

  • 6,904.110 GG per Day for liquidity farming over 5 years
  • 1,726.0275 GG per day for viewership retention over 10 years.

Geriatrics Gaming will only ever have these three pools.  None will be added or taken away.

  • BTC-GG
  • ONE-GG


You Watch, We Reward

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Watching our streamers via twitch is the best way to earn GG Tokens to build up real world value, purchase unique merchandise or buy ad space.

Your Reward For Taking Part in this community.

Everyday 1,726.0275 GG tokens will be released and distributed based on user watch time over total of all users watch time.  This means early adaptors will have a unique chance to rack up huge quantities of tokens before the pool of viewers grows and limits lowers the average distribution per viewer.

Viewer Retention Cap
30% of total 21,000,000
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GG Tip Bot And Team Launch Countdown


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